Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big W's Roadside Bar-B-Que

If you love BBQ - then you will definitely love Big W's Roadside Bar-B-Que!

Jeff, another couple and I were on our way back home from a foodie weekend and we stopped here for lunch on their recommendation. There was so much good stuff to choose from on the menu that we just went had to go with the 'try it all' for two people with the 1/2 rack, 1/2 chicken and brisket. (Picture attached.) This also come with 4 sides and we choose 2 orders of the smokey beans, 'dirty' rice and something green. This fed the 4 of us...with leftovers.

Although we couldn't finish all the food we ordered more to take home - chili with brisket and smokey beans. We just couldn't get enough...and still can't.

1476 Route 22
Wingdale, NY 12594