Monday, July 5, 2010

Starbucks 'Treat Receipt'

Starbucks is offering 'treat receipt'! In order to cash in on this opportunity buy a Starbucks coffee in the morning, keep your receipt and come back after 2pm with it. You can then get any cold beverage of your choice for $2!

So take your receipt and make it a treat. Happy sipping!

Starbucks - Unlimited Wi-Fi

As of July 1st, Starbucks will have free unlimited Wi-Fi and no longer be restricted to two hours.
They will also offer one click entry and no longer require membership to My Starbucks Rewards program.

Device must be Wi-Fi enabled in order to access the internet. Starbucks will continue to work with AT&T as a Wi-Fi provider.

Philip from Radiohead - New Album & Free Download

Philip Selway the drummer of Radiohead has just completed a solo album titled Familial for release on August 31st.

The albums first song, "By Some Miracle", is currently available for free download on Philip's website:

Go to the website now for download, tour dates, news and more.