Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Deal: Free 50% off The Clothing Warehouse

Scout Mob is bringing the New York crowd a incredible free deal today - 50% off The Clothing Warehouse which sells vintage clothing in an updated environment.

This discount expires 11/23/10 and is not valid on sale items.  It's max discount is $25.  To find out more or sign-up for the deal, just click here. Deal expires in 33 hours and 30 minutes from now.

For those new to Scout Mob, be careful as you too might be lured into their free membership by their witty wording, things to do during the week, local bites and oh yes, their DEALS!  Their exclusive deals are awarded via cell phone.  (For the offer above, they did offer an Email option as well.)  You are scared to get the deal on your phone.  It's a nice way to eliminate paper and still get your deals!  Their are no upfront commitments or pre-paying via credit card.  If you have more questions on Scout Mob, click here for their Q&A.

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