Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coach Factory Online Sale - The Details

Coach Factory just provided details of their Factory Online Sale -- and it's disappointing.  They provided me with an unique code and it's attached to my personal information so I won't be distributing it.  BOOO!

For those of you who are close to a Coach Factory Outlet, the prices online mirror what you find in-store with an additional 20% off you aren't missing anything.  

I did take screen grabs should you be invited next time so you know what to expect.  The sale is for 48 hours only and depending on the time of year, may offer an additional 20% off as it does now.

Invitees are chosen at random from their mailing list and I just happened to get picked.  If you sign-up at, you too can have a chance the next time Coach sponsors one of these 48 hour sales.

Family/close friends - if you want me to add something, let me know.... 


  1. Yes, there is only 24 hours left. I saw several bags I really want to purchase. But, I called Coach's 1-888 number and they said all sales and coupons are coming out from not
    It makes me worry. How do we know this coachfactory is official?

  2. I looked at other blogs about the sale who all questioned the veracity -- and the sale was verified. I also doubled checked and called the 1-800 number on the bottom of the sales site. It also has a F&Q should you need it. Happy Shopping!