Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stew Leonards - Lobster Sale

Our lobster bounty from Stew's
I love Stew's (Leonards).  They are a regional grocery store with a wonderful meat, dairy and fish department.  I look forward to their new specials every Wednesday -- and everyone else does too because the parking lot is always packed.  The secret is to go at off hours -- early in the morning, late at night or random times during the day.

Today Jeff and I decided to be rebels and go at 5pm in hopes getting some lobsters to cook tonight.  And did I mention that the lobsters on sale for $3.99 lb for 1 1/4lbs and under (normally $7.99 lb).  We stocked up!  We also got the Stew's Naked boneless skinless chicken breasts for $2.99 lb (normally $5.99 lb) and flank steak for $4.99 lb (normally $7.99 lb).

So many great deals, click here for a complete listing and to see the complete list of store locations, click here.  Sale ends Tuesday, 8/17!

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