Friday, November 12, 2010

Victorinox Swiss Army - Fall Warehouse Sale -- The Findings!

Vivante Rectangle Small Watch
I was lucky to get a ticket for the pre-sale to the Victorinox Swiss Army Fall Warehouse sale.  The nice thing about the pre-sale -- there was no line AND I got to scope out all of the goods!

If you are not familiar with Victorinox offers, its worth a look on their website to understand the quality of their offerings and what these items normally retail for.  For those of you who are familiar...
  • Watches -  large selection and deeply discounted.  Attached is a pic of the small Vivante Rectangle watch that retails for around $400 and was being sold at the warehouse sale for $90!
  • Cutlery - by far the best bargain there.  There were selling blocks, paring knives, steak knives, sharpening steel and much more.  Attached is a pic of the chef's knife that normally retails around $60 and is only $20 at the warehouse sale!
  • Chef's Knife
  • Travel Gear - decent selection from carry-ons to full size luggage and fairly priced.  Attached is a pic of the Tallux 25" that normally retails around $600 and was being sold for $125.  (This piece is too large for a carry-on, but they did have smaller pieces in the same discounted price range.)
  • Swiss Army Knives / Flashlights - strong selection of a variety of knives and flashlights.  If you don't own either, definitely a must have.  The utility pocket knives come in handy and the flashlights are powerful.  Once own one, you will become a brand ambassador too.
  • Clothing - they had a limited amount of women's clothing and majority was for smaller sizes.  But there were a few finds like white jeans for only $10!  They had a huge selection of men's clothing ranging from button down's to fleece's. 
  • Coats - same applies here as it does to the clothing.  Limited amount for women - and what they had were small sizes, but they had a large selection for men.  From what I saw, majority of the items were around $149 - $99.
I know your question -- is it worth it to go?  If you are looking for a high ticket item (like a watch), it is definitely worth the 1.5 hour wait this weekend.

Tallux 25"

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