Sunday, November 13, 2011

Victorinox Swiss Army - 2011 Fall Warehouse Sale - The Details

Unlike last year, I did not get a ticket to the Victorinox Swiss Army Fall Warehouse sale pre-sale.  So I decided to take a different tactic, go on Sunday (the last day).  We still waited, but it was a nice day and we were with good company.  I also must mention that our 1.25 hour wait was nothing compared to the 4 hour wait people did on Friday.  Yuck!

Army Style Dress
In my post from last year, I detail what you can find -- which was similar this year, but they also offered more discounted high-end items.

Some of the deals we found were:

  • White army style dress - $10
  • White and black shell - $15
  • Navy blue primaloft - $70
  • Cobalt blue hoody sleeveless cotton top - $10

Primaloft Jacket
I know your question -- is it worth it to go?  If you are looking for a high ticket item (like a watch) or just like to bargain hunt, its definitely worth it!

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